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Advanced Social Media Certification Program Overview

Advanced Social Media Certification Program Course Description

Social media is a huge contributor to the digital space. Earlier, it was a mode to stay connected with your acquaintances from every corner of the world. But now social media is a lot more than that. It has become a medium to share information and views. For entertainers, it is a platform to showcase their talents and skills. For educators, it is a channel to spread knowledge. For businesses, it is a marketplace to advertise their products and services to a customer base of over 3 billion social media users.

Companies hire social media specialists to help them build an online image across digital platforms. They realize the importance of being relevant and creating an impression on the minds of the consumers, to win over the competitors.

Through this social media training you will master all of social media marketing including strategy, reputation management, influencer marketing, content marketing, Youtube and Video Marketing etc.

Who should go for this training?

Edugators Advanced Social Media Certification Course is Designed For Freshers, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Professionals, Content Writers, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Management, Engineering, Business, and Communications graduates, Entrepreneurs and business owners.


  • Computer or laptop or Smartphone with Highspeed Internet Connection

  • There are no prerequisites for beginning this course. Familiar with Internet will be beneficial.

Advanced Social Media Certification Program Course Syllabus

  • What is social media?
  • Social Media Marketing Vs other forms of marketing
  • Forms of Internet marketing
  • How can social media help my business?
  • Risks and drawbacks
  • Social Media Impact On Business Goals
  • Social Media Marketing Integration
  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Types of Content to Post and Promote
  • Social Networking
  • Microblogging
  • Media Sharing Videos
  • Media Sharing Images
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Social Studio
  • Link Shortener
  • Question-Answer Session
  • The Role of Content Marketing in Social
  • The Viral Value Pyramid
  • Building a Content Plan
  • Key Areas of Focus
  • Matching Content to Consumer Intent
  • Select the Right Type of Content
  • Generating Content Ideas
  • Trending Topics on Social Channels
  • Unlocking Content’s Full Potential
  • Understanding the impact of great visuals
  • Leveraging Images in Social Media
  • Image-Based Marketing Types
  • Leveraging Video in Social Content
  • Different Lengths of Video
  • Video Based Marketing
  • Question-Answer Session
  • What Makes Social Sharing so Valuable
  • Building Content That is Inherently Shareable
  • Brainstorming Your Social Content Ideas
  • What do Customers Love about you?
  • Why Storytelling is Essential in Social Marketing
  • Story that Involves Problem Solving
  • Understanding Consumer Stories and Their Role
  • Matching Customer Story to Motive
  • The Role of Social Media Listening
  • Reputation Management And Response
  • Finding Influencers and Evangelists
  • Engaging with Influencers and Evangelists
  • Engaging with Paid Influencers and Evangelists
  • Influencer Collaboration
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Why blogging is so important
  • What to blog about
  • Guest blogging and commenting
  • Using graphics and images
  • Understanding Twitter
  • Twitter Marketing for Brand Awareness
  • Understanding Twitter Advertising
  • Twitter Ad Options
  • Increased Character Limit
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Twitter Tools – Crowdfire, Tweriod, Hashtagify, Ritetag, TweetReach & TweetArchivist
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Understanding Pinterest
  • Pinterest Presence and the Algorithm
  • Marketing with Pinterest
  • Putting Pinterest to Work
  • Leveraging Rich Pins
  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Understanding LinkedIn
  • Your LinkedIn Presence
  • LinkedIn for Personal Branding
  • Brand Marketing on LInkedIn
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • LinkedIn Advanced Search
  • LinkedIn Premium
  • LinkedIn Groups and Prospecting
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Understanding Instagram
  • Setting up Instagram
  • Optimizing your instagram business profile
  • Crafting an Instagram content strategy
  • Influencer Marketing on Instagram
  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Instagram Ads
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Understanding Facebook
  • Understanding the Facebook Algorithm
  • Facebook Groups Set Up and Business Use
  • Facebook Pages Setup, Business Use
  • Anatomy of a Facebook Page
  • Facebook Messenger: How to Use for Business
  • Facebook Live: Set Up and How to Use for Business
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Publishing, Scheduling, and Moderation
  • Facebook Page Insights
  • Facebook Pages, Groups, and Events Policies
  • Facebook Marketing Tools
  • Set Up Facebook Local and Facebook Place
  • Facebook and Non-Facebook Marketing Tools
  • Understanding Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Structure, Ad Objectives, and Targeting
  • Facebook Ad Placements, Ad Formats, and Budgeting
  • Facebook Ad Performance, Testing, and Tools
  • Facebook Ad Manager
  • Targeting in Facebook Pre and Post GDPR
  • Facebook Tracking and Reporting: Facebook Conversion Tracking and Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Introduction to Facebook Commerce
  • Setting up Your Facebook Shop
  • Creating Your Facebook Catalog
  • Using Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Introduction to Video Marketing
  • Videos Storytelling
  • Optimizing Videos for Search- Google and YouTube
  • Understanding Youtube
  • YouTube Advertising
  • YouTube Video Ad Formats
  • Scheduling, Targeting, and Remarketing Video Ads
  • Optimizing YouTube Ads
  • Mobile Video Advertising
  • Mobile Video Ads: YouTube
  • Mobile Video Ads: Facebook and Instagram
  • Uploading a Video to YouTube - Desktop
  • Using Youtube Studio - Mobile
  • Editing a Video on YouTube
  • Creating a YouTube Channel
  • YouTube Channel: Views and Subscribers
  • Monetizing Your YouTube Channel
  • Instagram - Shooting and Editing a Great Video
  • Instagram - Video Categories and Video Types
  • Instagram’s Video Editing Options and Filters
  • Monetizing Instagram Videos
  • Video Ads on Different Social Media Channels
  • GDPR's Effect on YouTube Advertising
  • GDPR’s Impact on the Video Advertising Ecosystem
  • GDPR and Audience Targeting in YouTube Advertising
  • Video Advertising for B2B Marketeers
  • Best Channels for B2B Videos
  • Challenges B2B Marketeers Face in Video Advertising
  • Future Trends in Video Marketing
  • Three-Sixty-Degree Video
  • Knowledge Check
  • Question-Answer Session
  • What is Content Marketing
  • Why Content is the foundation of SMM
  • Psychology of Social Sharing
  • Building Content That is Inherently Shareable
  • Targeting Key Influencers
  • Creating Content for multiple platforms
  • Generating content ideas and building a plan
  • Effective Content Distribution
  • Question-Answer Session

What People Say

Nagmani Solanki

Digital Marketing

Edugators platform is the best place to learn live classes, and live projects by which you can understand easily and have excellent customer service.

Saurabh Arya

Full Stack Developer

It was a very good experience. Edugators and the instructor worked with us through the whole process to ensure we received the best training solution for our needs.

Praveen Madhukar

Web Design

I would definitely recommend taking courses from Edugators. The instructors are very knowledgeable, receptive to questions and willing to go out of the way to help you.

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