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Python Training
Kamran Ahmad May 20, 2024 MON & FRI (4 WEEKS) Weekday Batch Timings - 9AM - 11AM Fast Filling
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Python Training Overview

Python Training Course Description

Python is easy to use, powerful, and versatile and easy readable which makes it more easier master the concepts of Python programming such as Data Operations, File Operations, Object-Oriented concepts, and various Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib and many more essential concepts of Object-Oriented Programming, Python Programming, third-party modules. Edugators training will make you proficient and skilled in Python which is Compatible with Major Platforms and Systems and increases your growth in every expect as a programmer.


  • Computer or laptop with an Intel i3 processor or above

  • Highspeed Internet Connection

  • A minimum of 3GB RAM

There are no specific prerequisites for taking up the Python Programming Certification Training. Basic understanding of Computer Programming terminologies is beneficial.

Python Training Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Python Language
  • Features, the advantages of Python over other programming languages
  • Python installation – Windows, Mac & Linux distribution for Anaconda Python
  • Deploying Python IDE
  • Basic Python commands, data types, variables, keywords and more
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Built-in data types in Python
  • Learn classes, modules, Str(String), Ellipsis Object, Null Object, Ellipsis, Debug
  • Basic operators, comparison, arithmetic, slicing and slice operator, logical, bitwise
  • Loop and control statements while, for, if, break, else, continue.
  • Test Automation Types (Unit Testing, API Testing, GUI Testing)
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Concept of Return Statement
  • Concept of __name__=” __main__”
  • Different Types of Arguments
  • Global Variables and Keywords
  • Lambda - Features, Syntax, Options
  • Various Built-In Functions
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Built-In Class Attributes
  • Python Object-Oriented Concepts Applications
  • Python Object-Oriented Core Principles and Its Applications
  • Inheritance and Its Types
  • Method Resolution Order
  • Overloading and Overriding
  • Getter and Setter Methods
  • Inheritance-In-Class Case Study
  • Standard Libraries
  • Packages and Import Statements
  • Reload Function
  • Important Modules in Python
  • Sys Module and Os Module
  • Math Module
  • Date-Time Module
  • Random Module
  • JSON Module
  • Regular Expression
  • Exception Handling
  • Basics of Data Analysis
  • NumPy - Arrays
  • Operations on Arrays
  • Indexing Slicing and Iterating
  • NumPy Array Attributes
  • Matrix Product
  • NumPy Functions
  • Functions
  • Array Manipulation
  • File Handling Using NumPy
  • Introduction to pandas
  • Data structures in pandas
  • Series and Data Frames
  • Importing and Exporting Files in Python
  • Basic Functionalities of a Data Object
  • Merging of Data Objects
  • Concatenation of Data Objects
  • Types of Joins on Data Objects
  • Data Cleaning using pandas
  • Exploring Datasets
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Why Data Visualization?
  • Matplotlib Library
  • Line Plots, Multiline Plots and Bar Plot
  • Histogram
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Plot and Boxplot
  • Saving Charts
  • Customizing Visualizations
  • Saving Plots
  • Grids
  • Subplots
  • Ipywidgets Package
  • Numeric Widgets
  • Boolean, Selection and String Widgets
  • Date Picker and Color Picker
  • Container Widgets
  • Creating a GUI Application
  • Use of Folium Library
  • Use of Pandas Library
  • Flow Chart of Web Map Application
  • Developing Web Map Using Folium and Pandas
  • Reading Information from Titanic Dataset and Represent It Using Plots
  • Introduction to web scraping in Python
  • Installing of beautifulsoup
  • Installing Python parser lxml
  • Various web scraping libraries, beautifulsoup, Scrapy Python packages
  • Creating soup object with input HTML
  • Searching of tree, full or partial parsing, output print
  • Question-Answer Session

What People Say

Nagmani Solanki

Digital Marketing

Edugators platform is the best place to learn live classes, and live projects by which you can understand easily and have excellent customer service.

Saurabh Arya

Full Stack Developer

It was a very good experience. Edugators and the instructor worked with us through the whole process to ensure we received the best training solution for our needs.

Praveen Madhukar

Web Design

I would definitely recommend taking courses from Edugators. The instructors are very knowledgeable, receptive to questions and willing to go out of the way to help you.

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