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Course Description

Edugators Robotic Process Automation training with UiPath will help you gain the knowledge of automation process and its functions. Learn effective use of UIPath studio to build faster RPA design, deployment and scalability of your software robots. The course pursue the industry’s best practices to add credibility to your automation career.

Who should go for this training?

Edugators RPA Training using UiPath Course is well-suited for anyone with a technical background who wants to build or kickstart a career in this high demand field. Professionals who would benefit from this training include developers, project managers, architects, operations support, team leads, and product managers.


  • Computer or laptop or Smartphone with Highspeed Internet Connection

  • Basic understanding of software coding and programming logic is beneficial but not required

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Robotic Process Automation
  • How RPA works
  • ROI-Building a business case
  • RPA Implementation in Enterprise
  • List of RPA Tools and Selection Checklist
  • Industry implementation of RPA
  • RPA Growth trends
  • Different RPA tools
  • Types of Bots
  • Why UiPath
  • UiPath Installation
  • Setting up the browser
  • Project and Project types
  • UiPath Dashboard
  • Files in UiPath
  • Sequence and Flowcharts
  • State Machine
  • Ribbon
  • Universal Search Bar
  • Activities Panel(Common Activities)
  • Importing Packages
  • Design Panel
  • Library Panel
  • Project Panel
  • Properties Panel
  • Outline Panel
  • Output Panel
  • Control Panel
  • Question-Answer Session
  • What is UI automation
  • System activities
  • Demo on System Activities
  • Types of Variables
  • Output Panel
  • Custom Packages
  • Managing Arguments
  • Understanding Scopes and Assign
  • What are User Events and common User Events
  • Excel, CSV and Mail Automation
  • What is Data Scraping and types
  • Selectors
  • Selectors and Wildcards
  • Selector editing
  • Adding variables and relative elements
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Introduction to Workflow activities
  • Citrix Automation
  • Introduction to Orchestrator activities
  • Introduction to PDF automation
  • PDF automation using OCR
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Introduction to programming in UiPath
  • Debugging and handling of exceptions
  • Detailed understanding of programming activity, handling of errors
  • Question-Answer Session
  • Orchestrator overview
  • Connecting a robot
  • Create an environment and associate the robot
  • Publish a package
  • Create a process from the package
  • Run a robot and examine logs
  • Queues in Orchestrator
  • Schedule and run an unattended robot
  • Overview of REFramework
  • Components of REFramework workflow
  • Config file
  • Global variables
  • The default type of variables in the Main workflow
  • Question-Answer Session

What People Say

Nagmani Solanki

Digital Marketing

Edugators platform is the best place to learn live classes, and live projects by which you can understand easily and have excellent customer service.

Saurabh Arya

Full Stack Developer

It was a very good experience. Edugators and the instructor worked with us through the whole process to ensure we received the best training solution for our needs.

Praveen Madhukar

Web Design

I would definitely recommend taking courses from Edugators. The instructors are very knowledgeable, receptive to questions and willing to go out of the way to help you.

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