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Course Description

Edugator’s Node.js training will covers all topics of Node. such as Express.js, Node Packet Manager (NPM), , Asynchronous Programming, REST API shrink-wrap, NPM Vet, REST, Express.js with MongoDB, and SQLite CRUD operations. This Node JS training focuses on every concepts of Node JS such as installation on Node.js Windows and Linux, REPL, package manager, callbacks, event loops, OS, PATH, query string, cryptography, debugger, URL, DNS, Net etc. UDP, Process, Child Process, Buffers, Streams, File System, Global Object, Web Module etc and provides hands-on experience in building an HTTP. Working with the file system, Streams, Events, Buffers and Multi-processing in Node.js. After completing the course developer will be able to establish their credibility and value in the job market.

Course Content

  • Introduction and History
  • Latest version details
  • Setting up the Node environment
  • Node and npm Installation
  • Exploring REPL Terminal
  • Walkthrough commands on terminal
  • Server side javascript
  • Introduction to NPM
  • Creating simple http server
  • Exploring package.json
  • What is Event Loop
  • Exploring Event driven programming
  • Emitting events
  • Setting Callback methods
  • Creating simple webservices
  • Creating web clients using node.
  • Exploring Express module
  • Setting up express environment
  • Creating http server using express
  • Reading data from GET/POST requests
  • Creating templates using PUG
  • Generating Dynamic html pages from server
  • Responding a template for a client request
  • Exploring File system
  • Reading and writing to files
  • Introduction to REST API
  • REST Architecture
  • Creating and handling multiple clusters in Node js
  • Connecting to Mongo DB
  • Connecting to SQL
  • Creating web services which communicate with Database

What People Say

Nagmani Solanki

Digital Marketing Expert

Edugators platform is the best place to learn live classes, and live projects by which you can understand easily and have excellent customer service.


Saurabh Arya

Software Developer

It was a very good experience. Edugators and the instructor worked with us through the whole process to ensure we received the best training solution for our needs.

Shyam Kumar

Graphic Designer

I would definitely recommend taking courses from Edugators. The instructors are very knowledgeable, receptive to questions and willing to go out of the way to help you.

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